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(took Mama long enough!)

We marched in the Providence Purim Parade!

(no, we're not actually in this picture... but see below) Purim Parade

Hadassah on Purim

Queen Esther
Rina on Purim

Fairy Princess
Boys on Purim


clowns on Purim

Dr. Jane

Rina as Dr. Jane Goodall for "Meet the Leaders" Night

Martha Washington

Hadassah as Martha Washington (Her class was learning about Martha and George Washington and Colonial times)

Rabbi Weissmandl

Menasheh as Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl
for "Meet the Leaders" Night
Martha Cohn

Chana as Martha Cohn for "Meet the Leaders" Night
handclap book

Menasheh and Chana,
trying to memorize some new hand-clapping games.
cleaning for Pesach

Cleaning the big freezer for Pesach

"Wow, this couch is so soft!"

Rina and Hadassah
kids on couch

Meir, Rina, Chana and Hadassah
kids on couch

Meir and Shifra

This was very exciting!

bubbie and littles

Bubbie came to stay with the littles so that Mama and Daddy could go to the hospital to get the new baby!  
(The big kids went to stay with school friends)

And here she is!

brand new baby

Tehilla Temima, our brand new baby sister!

baby and Mama

In Mama's arms for the first time!

A recent family picture! (May 2007)

family pic

Back Row: Hadassah, Rina
Middle Row: Daddy, Menasheh, Shifra, Chana, Mama
On Mama: Tehilla, Nechama
Front Row: Meir

More Tehilla


Still more Tehilla
MY and TT

And of course, everyone wanted a chance to hold her!  Menasheh...
CD and TT

SS and TT'

Shifra had to settle for sitting next to her.

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