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mostly Megablox, because they stick together better and come in cooler colors.  Sorry, Lego!)

Menasheh Yoseif has always been interested in building things.

Whether it's seeing how many distinct arrangements of toy street or train track he can make,


or designing magnificent lego people

Lego Maidel

it's always been obvious that he puts his heart and soul into his creations.  

  Sometimes he even lets his sisters and brother help!

Not the type to be held back by Mama's "no little lego" rule
(we have some really cute toy eaters)
the children have managed to make some pretty interesting things out of
Duplo(tm) sized Lego(tm) and Megablox(tm) over the years.  

One of Menasheh's first creations, his version of Noah's Ark.

lego teiva
lego teiva
MY, CD with Lego lego

There were several families collaborating on this creation!


Meir got an early start with Lego:
Meir Meir with Lego
SS kids

One of our guests on Chanukah was a Lego pseudo-expert.  (That means she played with a lot of Lego as a child.)  
Menasheh asked her help to build some Chanukah-related items:  
A Chanukiah and a Dreidel!  
Unfortunately, the dreidel didn't spin nicely, but it was still fun to play with.

MY with Lego Dreidel MY and Shanna with LEGO
This is a well known furniture store, rendered in Lego
Big Cats

cats and girl
A little girl and her two little cats
cats on parade
Cats and girl on Parade
A store of some sort, I'm told.  Complete with parking lot.
girl on cat
Little girl riding on her little cat
"It's a room in the house, Mama!"
Rina Malka with another room she's created.
lego lego
lego lego

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